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100 Black Men of Greater Dallas/Ft. Worth Inc. Teaches Urban Teens The “Competitive Edge - Branded

Dallas – January 26, 2018. It was an ordinary Saturday, but if you asked the group of young men

seated around the large U-shaped table in the conference room at the American Red Cross

building, they would say, it’s a bit different. The teens, ranging in ages from 7 – 12

th grade, are part of the Saturday Leadership Program of the 100 Black Men of Greater/Dallas Ft. Worth Inc., and they are here to learn the first steps of branding themselves.

Sure, they could be playing video games, or even sleeping, instead they are attending the

“Competitive Edge – Branded for Success” workshop, sponsored jointly by The 100 and Nissan

North America – Irving location. The workshop facilitator is Latrice Collins, leadership

development specialist and owner of The Career Brand.

Connecting with each mentee individually, Latrice greeted each one and asked if they would

introduce themselves to the group. While emphasizing self-pride, she demonstrated the

importance of voice projection, clear enunciation, eye contact, and stressed voice control. “You

see,” she said, “you must learn how to control your power and natural swagger.”

The next challenge seemed simple; the mentees were given ties and was asked to put them on

correctly. All were at a loss, until the members of The 100 stepped in and worked with every

young man. Latrice emphasized the role of mentors and the importance of presence and dressing

appropriately for the job interview. “While our culture has changed over the years, it is still

important to dress correctly for the job you are seeking. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t

bring a little of your style with you. Just do it appropriately.”

While digesting this nugget, the young men were offered to keep their tie, if they needed it. And

many did.

“Investing in our youth takes more than good words, it takes action,” said Anthony Sampson,

President, 100 Black Men of Greater Dallas/Ft. Worth Inc., “and we are proud to provide

programs that lead to real impact and create leaders for tomorrow.”

Latrice continued, presenting the key themes of Expertise, Image, Character, and Impact.

Donna Inman and Victor James of Nissan, supporters of The 100, were on hand for the day’s

presentation. “Nissan is proud to invest in the future of our generation and we believe in this

partnership with The 100,” said Ms. Inman. Mr. James continued, saying, “Excellent workshop.

Good introduction of the role of integrity to these young men. It is our corporate responsibility to

get them ready for their future,” said Mr. James.

“The instruction and advice our young men received today was outstanding,” said Robert Tapley,

Chairman, 100 Black Men of Greater Dallas/Ft. Worth Inc. “Ms. Collins session on “building

your brand,” was spot on and helped these young men to understand how to build a better self-

brand and resume.”

When today’s session ended, the training continued. This same group will meet the following

Saturday to present their individual brands and begin mock job interviews

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