Photos from this year's Health & Wellness Expo

100 Days of Health (100DOH), is initiative developed by our Health and Wellness Committee to address health conditions that impact the African American community. 100DOH has been designed to provide our members, their networks and the public at large with the vital resources needed to maintain good health, fitness and nutrition.


Photos from the 2018 Health Expo

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Below is our complete list of workshops, vendors, and screenings.

"We simply must do better," says Dr. Aaron Horne, MD, MBA, MHS, and a leading Interventional Cardiologist: Peripheal Vascular Disease Interventional Cardiology; Structural Heart Specialist. 


Dr. Horne is passionately committed to helping communities learn about the effects that lifestyle choices have on their bodies, and specifically their hearts.


"We must do a better job in sharing information. Better in keeping our communities in tact, so we live longer and not be miserable."


It is this drive to give back that leads him to return our annual Health & Wellness Expo on Saturday April 20, 2019. Last year, his workshop was hugely successful and this year's session on Heart Care and Heart Disease is expected to be packed.


Undoubtedly, this is a broad issue, but making a change starts with the first step. "It starts with education, and then application. For example, many people do not realize that the signs of a heart attack for a woman is different than for a man. So, we will share information to help you identify the signs. And in other cases, we know that we should take certain actions, such as not adding additional salt to our meal. We need you and your family members to help each other live a healthier lifestyles. Your choices could literally mean life or death." 


Dr. Horne is not only a workshop presenter, but he cares. This is why he supports the 100 and Mt. Olive with the Health & Wellness Expo initiative as a services to the greater community.    


We invite you on Saturday, April 20th to participate in the Health & Wellness Expo and get Heart Care and Heart Disease information.

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